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"At Simply Pilates the focus is on helping our clients achieve their goals. Our studio is a fun, friendly and supportive environment.  If you want to boost your energy, reduce your stress, engage your mind and improve your mood, Pilates is for you."

- Mindy Camboia, Simply Pilates Owner/Instructor

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Frequently Asked Questions

+ I'm New to pilates. What's the best way to start?

If you are injury free, with no limiting conditions, you can begin your group class experience with the Simply Start Classes. These classes are designed to give you the fundamentals of Pilates at a beginner pace.

+ how can beginners get the most benefit from Pilates?

It's important to be consistent. The greatest benefits don't come from simply trying it once. Commit to successive weeks of practic for at least a month to see real results. Be present, part of a Pilates practice is creating this time for yourself.

+ what do i wear for pilates?

Avoid oversized clothing. Dress comfortably in slightly tight fitted clothing so your movements are free ad the instructor can accurately observe your form during class. Shoes aren't required but you will need grippy socks.

For our guys, no baggy shorts! Our male clients typically wear an under armour support short underneath regular shorts; longer mid-thigh pair of shorts or long slightly fitted pants.

+ What results can i expect from doing pilates?

Expect to see an increase in flexibility, mobility and balance; improved posture; overall strength and a decrease in general body pains. You should notice better core strength integration with your daily and recreational activities.

+ i'm pregnant is pilates for me?

Pilates is safe throughot pregnancy. However, before beginning Pilates while pregnant, it is key to consult your Doctor. If you're currently in a Pilates program and become pregnant be sure to share that information with your instructor.

Our recommedation is that you take private sessions when you are pregnant. Since your body is undergoing constant changes to accomodate the baby, personal modifications have to be made and can be most easily addressed in a one-on-one session.

+ will i be sore after class?

It depends on your body and fitness level. Pilates doesn't fatigue the muscle to exhaustion. It uses movement, mental focus and muscle memory to build strength and body awareness. Your body is developing as you work to make new habits and change old compensatory patterns. As typical with other types of exercise you may experience som soreness a day or two after the class.